XiaoSheng Bi Carol Long Tim See

13th Biennial Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference

October 3-6, 2019

Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center
600 4-H Center Drive
Front Royal, VA 22630

About the Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference:

The Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference is held every other year in the beautiful landscape setting of Front-Royal, Virginia. Ceramic artists of all skill levels will benefit from our four day conference! On Saturday and Sunday, three nationally-known potters will present demonstration workshops featuring their unique techniques for constructing, decorating, glazing and firing their work. On Friday, multiple regional ceramists will lead a variety of exciting hands-on and demonstration workshops. There are also great opportunities to socialize, make new acquaintances, and renew past friendships! Participants come away with new ideas and inspiration from this stimulating learning experience!


About Our Main Presenters

Xiaosheng Bi, “Mr B”


bi underglaze .png
bi vase.png
bi bowl.png

Xiaosheng Bi, (Shys-shen Bee) was raised in the countryside near Xian, China, an area that was China’s ancient capital for centuries and is replete with traditional Chinese art and culture.  After studying graphic design, Xiaosheng worked at the Xian Craft Art Research Institute where he traveled throughout China to study and document classical and folk art.  In 1989, he was admitted to the Ceramic Art Department within the College of Art at Qinghua University in Beijing, China where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and then taught ceramics for eight years.  In 1997 Xiaosheng immigrated to the United States and soon established himself as a ceramist and teacher in Chicago.  In 2004 he moved to the Washington, D.C. area and now lives in Derwood, Maryland with his wife and young daughter and teaches at Montgomery  College.

 Xiaosheng’s work reflects his traditional Chinese influences, yet is infused with a contemporary aesthetic.  Suffused with gentle colors, his delicate forms shine with the brilliant translucency of bone china porcelain.  Traditional Chinese motifs such as bamboo leaves or lotus blossoms are painted with dynamic, nearly abstract strokes.  Through his life and work, Xiaosheng has formed a bridge between the introspective sensibilities of Chinese culture and the dynamism of modern Western culture.

Carol Long


iris orb.png
gingko vase.png

Carol Long draws influence from plant and animal life and is fascinated by the small complexities of the micro aspects of nature. Her work continues to evolve as she experiments with new ways of expressing the tiny beautiful intrinsic qualities of nature that we often take for granted.

Carols work has been featured at the Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan  Kansas. Her work can also be found at Bella Luz in Wichita Kansas as well as the Courtyard Gallery in Linsdborg Kansas. She has a booth each year at the Outdoor Living Show (formerly known as the Wichita Garden Show) in Wichita Kansas. Her most recent work is always available on her website http://carollongpottery.com

Born in 1965, Carol Long was raised on a farm in Stafford County Kansas. The farm having been homesteaded in the 1880's had by the time of her childhood matured with enormous trees and a thick shelter belt. In these wooded areas Carol explored and found a connection with nature developing a total appreciation of plant and animal life. Her mother also had an interest in art and often took Carol to art museums. Carol often felt a need to express herself by bringing her imagination to life. She remembers as a child using one of her fathers cattle syringes filled with mud to draw structures in the driveway.  In High School, Carol excelled in art. Her teacher, Sheldon Ganstrom, who is now a prominent Raku artist helped spark Carol's interest in ceramics. She then moved on to Barton County Community College where she realized that she was always drawn to the ceramics lab. She has studied under Glenda Taylor, Linda Ganstrom, and Steve Dudek.



see 1.png
see 3.png
see 2.png

I am a ceramic artist born in Syracuse, New York in 1979. I have lived in the Greater Syracuse area, commonly known as Central New York, all of my life. I began working in clay while an art student at Onondaga Community College and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics with Honors at Syracuse University in 2004.

My work has been shown at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C, the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY, the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY,  and, at Baltimore Clayworks in Maryland  – as well as many other galleries and shows. The work has been recognized with awards every year since 2003.

I have taught beginning, intermediate and advanced pottery to adults in a community-based ceramics studio at Clayscapes Pottery, Inc. since 2006. I also have taught children and teens at the elementary, middle and high school levels in workshops, as a visiting artist, and, in year-long after school programs. I have really enjoyed traveling throughout the northeast engaging potters in half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops tailored to their unique goals.

As a founding member of the Independent Potters Association, I work collaboratively with fellow artists to organize and implement several charitable events each year as well as group exhibitions. I help organize group shows, an art trail and a high school ceramics competition annually as well.

Social media have provided me many platforms to communicate with more than 11,000 potters  nationally and internationally. Since 2007, I have produced 92 educational videos on pottery that have been viewed almost 2 million times and attracted more that 13,000 subscribers.

My wife Brenda Pierce and I live in Bridgeport, NY with our cat Viggo.

Add me to Conference e-mail list

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Friday Workshops|  Open to All Skill Levels

NEW! PRE-register and Pre-pay for Eight Limited-enrollment Hands-on Workshops!  Workshops are open to full conference attendees only. Register today for the limited-enrollment hands-on workshops that you want to attend. Choose one AM session and one PM session and for the night owls there is an Evening session. Spaces are limited but observing is allowed except for all Raku and Primitive Firing sessions due to safety reasons. Mark your selections on the registration form or submit them with your online registration.


Ray Bogle



Ray has been working with clay for over 30 years and for a majority of that time has focused his efforts of various alternative firing techniques such as raku, pit, and saggar firing. In 2008 he became aware of the Raku variant called "Naked Raku" and began to experiment with it. He was attracted to the soft satin surface and the bold black and white crackle. He continued to study the technique and learned its subtleties so that most of the time pots successfully move through the process. Ray teaches in his own studio in Huntingtown, MD and at a local community clay studio in Solomons Island, MD and continues to explore various firing techniques.

Introduction to Alternative Firing Techniques

This workshop will provide attendees with an introduction to various Alternative Firing techniques. The primary focus will be on preparing and firing work in a Pit. Once the pits are firing, Ray will discuss other Alternative Firing techniques and attendees will participate in a raku and/or horse hair firing. Bring five (5) pieces total: three (3) bisque pieces for pit firing and two (2) bisque pieces for raku/horse hair firing.

Limit 12 participants.

Materials Fee: $45.

AM Session.  Preparation Guide is provided prior to conference to registered participants.

Intro to Alternaive Firing 1.jpg

Naked Raku

Ray will guide you through the process of glazing and firing your bisque ware naked-raku style, a technique that allows you to remove the glaze at the end, leaving a beautifully patterned piece. Bring three (3) bisque pieces made of Raku clay per session.

Limit 8 participants per session.

Materials Fee: $45.

PM Session.  Preparation Guide is provided prior to conference to registered participants.

Naked Raku 1.jpg

Click to see Ray Bogle’s Preparation Guides for both workshops

Lynn Wood

Hands on Workshop Using Texture Mats



I am the maker of the “pottery texture queen mats”. I call myself the pottery texture queen. Having used texture in my work for many years. 11 years ago I began creating these mats, large rubber stamps really. This brought together two of my interests, pottery and drawing. Each mat begins as a hand drawn design as I want, the hand involved, not the computer. Each of these rubber mats is 7 by 9 inches. Beginning years ago with 6 designs, I now have over 25. They are fun to use, durable and versatile.

Pottery Texture With Rubber Texture Mats

In this hands on workshop with the pottery texture queen, aka Lynn Wood, participants will be treated to a brief demonstration of the many ways to use her texture mats. Following this everyone will be guided in making  a 3 part textured vase incorporating a number of techniques Lynn has developed over the years. Each participant will create a unique functional piece. Come explore texture and design. Pick up some new tips and tricks from the “texture queen. There are bound to be a few laughs and fun along the way.

20 people in workshop, folks can bring their own favorite handbuilding tools, especially texture tools.

AM session

Materials Fee: $10.00


Lynn Wood.png

Dick White


Dick is a recovering accountant, and after spending 30+ years toiling with numbers in the federal vineyard he now relaxes by teaching and making pottery. His classes at Audrey Moore Wakefield RecCenter, Northern Virginia Community College (Alexandria), Alexandria Clay Coop, and Lorton Workhouse Arts Center include handbuilding, wheel throwing, and glaze technology. Even after 15 years of playing in the mud, there are still new things to learn!

Glaze Calculation

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in your favorite ceramic glaze that makes it turn out that way? This workshop will be a very short overview of practical ceramic glaze chem:

No size limit

Materials Fee: none

PM session

white glaze bottle.jpg

Using Bisque Molds For Slab Work

white slabs.jpg

Plaster drape molds are common, but the commercial ones are expensive and making them yourself is a lot of work. In this workshop we will make hump and slump molds in various shapes and sizes from clay slabs, wood, foam, and other found materials, and then explore ways to use them.

Materials Fee: $10.00

Limit: 15

AM session


Jayne Shatz, artist, educator, and ceramic historian, has a PhD in Prehistoric Ceramics, an MA in Pottery and Sculpture and a BA in Art History. A ceramic career spanning 46 years, she has directed college programs in New York, founded two potters’ cooperatives and exhibits her artwork in the Mid Atlantic area. Jayne offers studio and ceramic history workshops at museums, colleges and art centers. She has been writing for many years, publishing articles on ceramic history and techniques and has been producing educational ceramic videos, distributing them through her website.

Jayne Shatz Pottery




Finding Your Voice - Spanning a Lifetime in Art

Jayne will moderate a panel discussion that pursues the journey in art throughout a lifetime, while maintaining a commitment to your work and rejoicing in the exploration of the new. The concept of finding your voice will weave throughout the discussion. On the panel are Colleen O’Sullivan, ceramist and Rosemarie Ammendolia, painter.

Fee: Free

PM session

No size limit

Bullet Erupted 1980

Bullet Erupted 1980

Torso in E Major 2017

Torso in E Major 2017


Sheila Avruch


Sheila Avruch has been making functional and decorative ceramics in the Washington area for more than twenty years. She studied at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and with numerous ceramic artists in Virginia. She is currently assisting in the studio at Northern Virginia Community College Annandale, where she makes her ceramics and metal sculpture, formulates new glazes, mixes studio glazes, and loads and fires student work.


Kathy Baumgart

Kathie Baumgart has been a creator of functional pottery and ceramics for over 25 years.  She has demonstrated her creative talents in studios from Washington DC to Minnesota and Ohio and Los Angeles. She studied at San Pedro Community College.  She is currently studying at Northern Virginia Community College Annandale where she develops her new designs and processes and produces her ceramics projects.

Expanding Your Work with Extrusions

This workshop will cover the basic use of the extruder, creating personalized dies for your work, as well as hands-on productions of small trays from unique dies.

The Workshop will provide:

Wallboard pieces to maintain extrusions, unique dies and examples of work produced from them and texture tools for students to work with to personalize their pieces.

 Students should bring basic hand building tools like fettling knife, pin tool, rib, small paint brush, sponge. 

Maximum 15 participant

Materials Fee: $10.00

PM session

Guy Zoller


703 674-7715

Guy is a retired Army Aviator who returned to his first love, sculpture, following a 21year career in the military. He taught figurative sculpture at American University for six years, does various sculpture workshops, and taught periodically at the Chautauqua Institution in New York. In 2002 he took up ceramics, and fell in love with clay. He currently teaches pottery and sculpture at the Reston Community Center at Lake Anne, and tries to spend as much time as possible during summers in his studio in upstate New York. In 2005 Zoller started River Water Art Works LLC, a small business including exhibition and display design and installation, art photography, limited art restoration, and sculpture and ceramics production and instruction. Guy is always looking for opportunities to acquaint artists with 3-dimensional work. For further information regarding work, instruction, or “artist getaways” on Shady Nook Island in the Saint Lawrence River.

Sculpt a Bust from a Live Model with Guy Zoller. (Hands-on)

This year’s workshop will be a slight departure from the usual, as we’re going to concentrate on the body parts that tend to give students the most trouble; those being eyes, ears, noses, lips, and hands. We will begin by finding the correct volume of the head, as without it, none of the other parts (excluding hands of course,) can’t be properly placed. From there we will explore the correct positioning and proportion of these bits, followed by tips and tricks to get them done in a realistic manner. Students may do either a hand or a portrait, as there may not be time for both. This isn’t a race, so relax and enjoy the process!

Materials fee covers clay, live model, head armature and 10 inches square board - prepared with boiled linseed oil to reduce drying of the clay. Students are requested to bring along a dry cleaning bag or two to keep work fresh during the breaks and after.

Please bring an old T-shirt for keeping work moist. Not required but nice to have: a towel. All tools will be provided for loan during the class. I will have a limited number of wooden tools for sale for those who wish to have their own to take home.

12 students for workshop

Materials Fee: $45.00

AM session


Diana Faris/AMACO

Diana began teaching pottery in 1992, completing her MFA in Ceramics at UF (Gainesville) in 1995. She is currently Director of Educational Outreach at AMACO, teaching workshops around the country. Her previous clay-work experience includes four years as Glaze Department Manager and two years as Fabrication Studio Director at Historic Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, creating heirloom quality hand-made tiles. She likes to create narrative tile murals, figurative sculptures and wheel-thrown, assembled pots.

Mixing and Layering Mid-Range Glazes. (Hands-on. No limit to participate.)

Blend and layer cone 5-6 brushing glazes to create your own color values and glaze effects. AMACO Celadon and Potters Choice oxidation glazes provide limitless possibilities to achieve your own surfaces without all the dry materials and chemicals. Application and firing variables will be reviewed and reference materials provided.

This is a hands-on workshop with visual presentations to explore Volumetric Mixing and glaze interactions. An assortment of glazes will be available for mixing and layering your own colors on textured bisque tiles. Participants are encouraged to bring their own small bisque pots or test tiles to glaze during class. AM & PM Sessions.

Materials Fee: none

AM and PM sessions

No size limit

Brett Thomas


610- 585-4434

Brett is the owner of Mobile Raku, a traveling ceramic classroom that offers workshops throughout the Northeast. Brett is a ceramics instructor at The Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA. He is the Ceramic instructor at Cecil College from 2017-current and is a bonsai container and designer maker. His containers have been shown and collected at The National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, DC, Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, PA and the North Carolina Arboretum, Ashville, NC.

Primary Colors-Raku Expressions

Student will learn the use of primary and complementary colors, combined with the tradition of copper flashing glazes. Application and decoration will occur at the begging of the workshop. Instruction regarding primary color and application will be demonstrated. Firing processes such as oxidation, reduction, control of color will be discussed. The use of combustibles and how they are used to produce vibrant colors.

Students will need to include their wares pre-bisque fired before the conference. Brett recommends using Raku Clay. Brett uses Standard Clay 239 Raku, clay body. Wares can be Bisque fired to cone 04, 06, 08, or 010.

Students can include up to 5 pieces of bisques ware. No larger than 6 inches wide, 12 inches tall. Glazes and Under-Glazes will be provided by, Mobileraku

Students must ware long sleeve shirt, long pants and close-toed shoes. Gloves and safety equipment will be provided.

Materials Fee: $55.00

AM and PM sessions


brett image .jpg

Natasha Thomas



Natasha had been photographing people at live events and in the studio for 10 years until one day she caught the pottery bug. Now she brings her camera to the ceramics shop where skills in photography and pottery really complement each other. After all, a good portrait can reveal true colors of a person as well as of a... pot.

Photographing Your Artwork (Demo) 

Learn the tricks to improving photos of your ceramic-ware--how to set up a photo booth (fancy or on a budget); use of light–natural or lamps; and using gradient backdrop,  use of a camera, DSLR or smartphone; white balance (WB); how to photograph high gloss glazes (There is a $4.99 app for iPhone that gives more control over focus, WB, aperture, exposure, etc., and is playing with it now and would like to find something similar for android owners).

2 pieces per student

Materials Fee: none

AM session

No size limit



Scope Gallery

Studio 19 and Studio 22

105 NB. Union St.

Alexandria, VA, 22314


Tracie Griffith Tso painted her first bamboo brushstrokes as a child at a brush painter's studio in California. She specializes in traditional spontaneous flower-bird painting. The award-winning artist developed her style with a teacher schooled by a Hong Kong master. She learned to throw pots at age 12, a skill which, when combined with painting, produces functional clay art. Her work reflects compositions from an artist's vision. She paints without sketching, as she was trained on unforgiving rice paper and ink, so no two pieces are alike. She specializes in the freestyle drawing of animals and enjoys reflecting personality and movement in body language. Her subjects include koi, rabbits, pandas, squirrels, siamese cats, birds, horses, frogs and more. Her unpainted clay forms are made by hand, adding decorative texturing inspired by classic silk designs. Compositions are painted with underglazes and fired in an electric kiln, cone 6.

Griffith Tso teaches Chinese brush painting, sells her pottery and prints at the the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Va. in Studios 22 and 19 and can be found there on Fridays painting. She lives with her husband and furry muse rabbit, Cleo, in Reston, Va.

Transitioning Traditional Brushpainting

Chinese brushwork dates back 6,000 years in its use on pottery. Be introduced to composition and techniques of fundamental spontaneous brush stroking on paper and how to apply it to pottery with underglazes. Try your hand at painting orchids, bamboo and more! All skill levels welcome. Be ready for plenty of practice, but students can bring bisqueware to consult and start a project.

Materials Fee: $12 - includes a medium-sized Eastern-style, natural-hair brush.

Limit: 15

AM session

tracie 2.png



PO Box 97

New Hope, VA 24469

https://www.facebook.com/michaelhoughsculpture/  and http://www.michaelhoughsculptor.com/

Michael Hough is a sculptor, curator, professor of Art at Bridgewater College, and gallery director of the Cleo Miller Gallery. He has been an artist, creating ceramic sculpture, pottery, and steel sculpture, for the past fort years. “My love of all things clay and metal began during my second year as an art student at California State University, Sacramento where I eventually earned a BA and MA in Ceramics”. After five years teaching High School art, Michael returned for his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design(1993). He holds an Open Studio show and sale twice a year at his New Hope, VA studio. Images of his work have been published in both books and magazines including the Korean Ceramics Monthly, Mastering Raku by Steve Branfman, The Ceramic design Book from Lark Books, and Raku Pottery by Robert Pippenburg. He has been a guest curator, judge and juror for a variety of local and regional exhibitions Including the Amazing Clay series (three), Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community Art show (twice), and the Fall Foliage Festival in Waynesboro, VA. His large sculpture and ceramics studio is in New Hope Virginia, next to his home and garden.

Slab Constructed Teapots

During the morning session Michael will be teaching "Slab Constructed Teapots"  In this hands on workshop each participant will make a functioning sculptural teapot out of slabs.  Clay will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own "favorite" tools to work with.

Limit 12 students.

Materials Fee $20.00

AM session

Mask Play in Clay

The evening session will be a mask making hands on workshop using soft slab construction techniques.  During this time, students will continue to make parts for the planned totems.

Limit 12 students.

Materials Fee: $20.00

PM session

HOUGH 1.jpg
HOUGH 2.jpg


100 East 8th St
 Front Royal, Va 22630



(484) 832-2094

As an Artist and Crafter I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I have created memories from sewing christening gowns to costumes for stage productions, murals, scene backdrops for the stage, face painting, painting on canvas, wood, tin, mailboxes and now pottery.

I love painting and the mixing and blending of colors for creating works of art. My eye for detail and a love of nature has brought me to applying these talents to clay. I came to pottery when a visiting potter asked me to sit at a wheel and try it. With instruction I was able to center and pull the clay up on the first try, thus a new beginning.

Clay is such a rewarding medium. To take clay and create something that you can use in everyday life, and to create art and sculptures to decorate your home has become therapeutic and relaxing.

I currently work full time at The Kiln Doctor in Front Royal. I have been doing pottery for over ten years. My daughters and I are in the process of creating our own business in which we will have a “paint your own pottery” component, clay workshops and a gallery. You are invited to see more of my work at https://www.facebook.com/AJLcrafts/

Image Transfer Workshop

Arline is an artist and potter who applies her painting designs to clay. While she paints her designs freehand, she discovered that her students wanted to add similar designs to their work. This workshop will show you how to transfer various designs to your projects. Using under glazes that can be fired low to high fire temperatures.

In this workshop students will apply designs to flat and cylinder surfaces. Bring 1-2 greenware slabs and 1-2 small bisque pieces (ex: cup or bowl)

Arline uses mostly cone 5/6 clays, yet this process can be used with most colored clays.

Limit 15-20 people

Materials Fee: $5.00 for Tool kit which includes the applicator, fan brush, scissors, small spray bottle.

PM session

arline 1.jpg


100 East 8th St
 Front Royal, Va 22630



540 -636-6016

Owner The Kiln Doctor

Front Royal, VA

Mike began repairing electric kilns and studio equipment over 30 years ago. Along with a full service store he meets the needs of his customers and region.

He is specialized and trained from the many major manufacturers. His service techs work on all equipment even some that are outdated or out of business.

Mike’s motto is Sound Advice + Reliable Equipment and Supplies = Excellent Results

His experience and knowledge pays off with excellent service and guaranteed repairs to keep your equipment going for many years to come.

Providing Service in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and beyond with bribery.

Cheers to all.

Electric Kilns and Studio Equipment

There will be a discussion with a power point and photos presentation covering past, present and future technology.

Mike will answer questions on setting up a home studio, best locations, electrical choices, venting and plumbing needs.

If looking to buy equipment, choosing a manufacturer that best meets your needs< Mike can help you. Each manufacturer has their unique designs that you may prefer .

The benefits, pros and cons of new technology for kiln controllers will be presented.

Preventative maintenance and safety checks questions will all be answered.

No limit for enrollment

Materials Fee: none

AM session

milke kiln.jpg



Chuck was born in Seattle and grew up in Honolulu, Ottawa and Bethesda. In the early sixties, he studied art and architecture at Montana State University, where he was introduced to pottery-making by Frances Senska, who had been Peter Voulkous’s teacher some years earlier.

After serving in the Peace Corps and then in the Navy, first in Vietnam and then in Washington,

Chuck began working in 1971 at Eastern Market Pottery on Capitol Hill. He worked there for a few years before leasing and then buying the business. He still owns Eastern Market Pottery and teaches a class there each week. It was at the Pottery that he met this wife-to-be Janet. In 1979 they moved to Limeton, Virginia, and together, made pots. HeI also built a gas-fired kiln and kiln shed behind the schoolhouse. They sold their work in a number of galleries around the country and at local and regional craft fairs.

In 1990, Chuck opened a gallery and teaching studio in nearby Front Royal. It was there that Chuck began to make and sell Salterras, a kind of puzzle pot salt shaker. He introduced them to the wholesale craft market at ACC Columbus Craft Fair in 1995. They were successful enough that Chuck closed the Front Royal shop and soon built a studio behind their schoolhouse home. He continue to work there, making utilitarian pottery at a quieter pace, and mostly for retail at Eastern Market, special orders from former clients and a studio open house each November.

It is Chuck’s aim to keep making pottery so long as it rewards him. So far, so good.

Ceramic Tool Making

Sometimes you need a tool for an effect or process that the marketplace cannot satisfy.

Or maybe you just enjoy making things — not so strange, is it?

In this demo and hands-on workshop, Chuck will explore making a variety of tools used in throwing pots, tools for measuring and marking and tools for molding, impressing and extruding clay. He will demonstrate some special tools developed for his own production work and talk about how they came to be.

There will be examples of repurposed or modified tools, such as kitchen tools. Our discussion won’t be complete without mentioning must-have or best-there-is doohicky, even if it is expensive.

Basic toolmaking tools will be provided. More complex tools and tool sources will be discussed.

Participants will be invited to share their own tool-making experiences and favorite tools.

You can expect to leave the workshop with at least three or four tools completed and some materials to make others later

Limit: 12 participants.

Materials Fee: $8.00

PM session

brome 2.jpeg
brome 1.jpeg

Todd Hickerson


4077 Weaver Court South

Hilliard, OH, 43026

(614) 876-1171

Todd has been playing with clay since college. He studied at The Ohio State University where he received his BFA with a focus in ceramics. Between 15 years in the Army and the “battles” of growing a family, Todd found time to expand his clay knowledge with numerous residencies, workshops, and teaching opportunities. He studied at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute of Art, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, was the studio tech at John Bryan Community Pottery, taught elementary art, and was the resident artist/instructor at Clayspace/Gallery 831 for seven years. Todd feels blessed with the opportunity to get his hands dirty in clay everyday while working for Mayco as a designer, instructor and technical support.

Mayco Workshop

Expand your options for surface design with texture and crystals. Join Mayco's stoneware expert, Todd Hickerson for a hands-on workshop focused on Mayco's new cratered Magma glazes and Stoneware Crystal glazes that expand upon the surface with bursts of color. Both mid-range and high-fire potters will enjoy the effects of these glazes on decorative surfaces.

No limit

Materials Fee: none

PM session

Mayco workshop.jpg

Go to the vendors page for information on vendors

Vendor Presentations Ongoing Friday & Saturday.We invite many ceramic industry vendors, who will provide demonstrations and have ceramic supplies for sale. You may stroll through the vendor area throughout the conference weekend. There will be vendor demos at 1 pm on Friday, and other times, which will be listed in the program. 

Please note:

Schedules, information and workshop times may be subject to changes based on presenters, facility room availability and committee decisions to best provide a good space for each workshop. Weather may be a factor as well.

Thank you for your understanding.


 the 13th Biennial Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference 

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