Left to right: a Pot-luck with Jamie Fine, a class with Empty Bowls, and member Dick White awarding at the High School Ceramics Show  (credits: various)


 We are an all volunteer organization made up of clay artists of all skill levels, from beginners to hobbyists to full-time professionals.




The Clay Connection has no paid staff and relies on active member participation to ensure continued success. Advantages of volunteering include networking with fellow artists in small groups, selecting educational programs and events, and influencing the direction The Clay Connection will take in the years to come.

If you are already a member, consider one of the following volunteer positions that are the backbone of the organization.


The President is the principal officer of the organization; presides at all meetings of the Board and membership; ensures that the general direction of the Board and membership is carried out; can appoint members to fill vacant positions; and oversees and supervises the Board of Directors and committees.

Vice President
The Vice President plans and organizes educational events for the membership including speakers, demonstrations, and tours. These programs can be monthly or bi-monthly. They also organize Video Presentations where our members will be taped demonstrating their ceramic process. These videos will be available through YouTube for other members to enjoy. This job could be done by 2 or more people.

Membership Coordinator
The Membership Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a list of new and renewing members and coordinates with the Data Administrator. They also acknowledge receipt of members’ payments.

The Secretary records and writes-up proceedings at the Board Meetings and keeps these as a record.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions pertaining to the organization. That entails maintaining the Clay Connection checking account and credit card accounts, pays expenses, and will be responsible for preparing the tax report each year, or arranging for a Tax Preparer to do that.



These people are welcome but not required to attend Board Meetings.

Biennial Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference
The Conference Planning Team organizes every aspect of the Biennial Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference typically held in the fall every other year. This includes: selecting the dates, the main presenters, and Friday workshop and demonstration artists; coordinating issues related to room, board, and conference facilities; developing publicity materials; and organizing the Thursday night welcoming reception and Friday night catered dinner. (The Volunteer Coordinator assists in getting help to carry out tasks while at the conference.)

Cracked Pot Newsletter
The Newsletter Editor or Team publishes the quarterly newsletter containing program and even information, input from members, ceramic tips, clay-related articles written by members, updates on local ceramic news, and ceramics-related opportunities in the area.

Database Administrator
The Database Administrator maintains the mailing list, which includes current and past members, clay-related organizations and business, media contacts, and addresses for events open to the community.

Bowl Collection
Empty Bowls is a fundraising event that the Clay Connection supports. Our members make and donate bowls to be sold at the dinner fundraiser.  The money raised is given to charities that provide food to the people who need it. The Bowl Collection Team sets up collection sites and coordinates getting the bowls donated by our members. They then deliver the bowls to the charity contact person. This is not an event planning position!

High School Show Co-Coordinator
The Annual High School Student Clay Competition & Exhibit Co-Coordinator works closely with a teacher who is a representative from one of the participating high schools. Together they plan the event and exhibit, awards ceremony, and reception. They have volunteers to help set up the exhibit and judge the admissions. They identify an appropriate venue and exhibit dates; provides entry instructions, applications, and advertising posters to local high school art instructors for distribution to students working with clay; and reach out to Clay Connection members to donate hand-made pottery to be given to student winners as prizes. Note that much of this is already in place -- venue, advertisement, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator matches members with committees needing additional support. This can be done through email or phone. 

Hospitality Coordinator(s)
The Hospitality coordinator provides light refreshments during educational and social events. 

Email Contact Coordinator
The Email Coordinator maintains an updated membership list and sends email blasts through our marketing service provider. These notices contain information on an upcoming event or other timely topics of interest to the membership. A plus would be promotional writing knowledge.

The Nominations Team works with the Volunteer Coordinator to identify potential candidates for vacant positions.

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	mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;}   Main presenter, Randy Brodnax holding his piece which he created at the 7th Biennial Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference, with an attendee Gail Adkisson. Photo by Rex Looney.

Main presenter, Randy Brodnax holding his piece which he created at the 7th Biennial Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference, with an attendee Gail Adkisson. Photo by Rex Looney.


First, print and complete a Clay Connection membership form (PDF) 

Then mail the completed form with a $35 check payable to The Clay Connection to:

The Clay Connection
Post Office Box 3214
Merrifield, VA 22161-3214

 The membership year begins in October and ends the following September. Individuals can become members at any time during the year; however, all memberships expire on 30 September. The membership fee is not prorated.