Clay Connection Organization

The Clay Connection has no paid staff and relies on active member participation to ensure continued success. Advantages of volunteering include networking with fellow potters in small groups, selecting educational programs and events, and influencing the direction The Clay Connection will take in the years to come.

Board of Directors

The President has general active management responsibility for the business of the organization; serves of Chairman of the Board of Directors, presides at all meetings of the board and the members, ensures the orders and resolutions of the board are carried into effect, signs and delivers in the name of the corporation all instruments pertaining to the business of the corporation, appoints chairpersons of standing committees, and selects individuals to fill vacated elected offices and volunteer positions.

President Elect
In the absence of the President or in the event of the President's inability to act, the President Elect performs the duties of the President. In addition, the incumbent receives training on the various aspects of the organization and is fully prepared to take over as President after 2 years.

Vice President for Programs
The Vice President for Programs is the point of contact for Clay Connection educational events, presents a brief monthly report to the board outlining past and planned programs, and leads the Monthly Program Team, which plans and develops educational programs for the membership.

Vice President for Membership
The Vice President for Membership is the point of contact for Clay Connection membership, presents a brief monthly report to the board outlining membership status, and leads the Membership Team, which maintains membership kiosks at local pottery-related locations.

The Treasurer maintains The Clay Connection checking account using QuickBooks (application provided by The Clay Connection), attends monthly board meetings, presents a brief monthly report to the board outlining expenditures, income, and balance, and leads the Finance Committee.

The Secretary records proceedings at the monthly Board Meeting and incorporates team status reports into the final meeting minutes.

Team Members

Team members are welcome but not required to attend the monthly Board meeting. Each team is asked to provide a brief status report at the end of each month to the Secretary for presentation to the Board of Directors.

Biennial Mid-Atlantic Clay Conference
The Conference Planning Team organizes every aspect of the biennial mid-atlantic clay conferences held in the fall of odd-numbered years, to include selecting the dates, main presenters, and workshop and demonstration leads; coordinating issues related to room, board, and conference facilities; developing publicity materials; and organizing the welcoming reception.

The Webmaster designs, develops, and maintains the web site.

Cracked Pot Newsletter
The Newsletter Team publishes the quarterly newsletter containing program and event information, input from members, ceramic tips, updates on local ceramic news, and potter-related opportunities in the area.

Database Administrator
The Database Administrator maintains the mailing list, which includes current and past members, clay-related organizations and business, media contacts, and addresses for events open to the community.

Empty Bowls Charity Event- Bowl Collection Team
The Bowl Collection Team coordinates the collection of bowls donated by the membership for charities who are hosting Empty Bowls Charity Events. This is not an event planning position!

High School Show
The Annual High School Student Clay Competition & Exhibit Planning Team coordinates the event and exhibit, awards ceremony, and reception. The Team identifies an appropriate venue & exhibit dates; provides entry instructions, applications, and advertising posters to local high school art instructors for distribution to students working with clay; and contacts local and national clay-related business to obtain prizes for distribution during the Awards Ceremony.

Volunteer Coordination
The Volunteer Coordinator helps achieve what is absolutely critical for the long term sustainability of the organization: involving volunteers in every part of The Clay Connection's mission. The Volunteer Coordinator matches members with teams needing additional support and ensures that the work of the organization is spread throughout the membership.

Please call me on an as needed basis
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Other Available Opportunities

Charity Liaison Team
The Charity Liaison Team works with the designated charities to ensure the membership is aware of upcoming events and the anticipated attendance. This is not an event planning position!

The Exhibit Team coordinates all aspect of exhibits to be held in the local area, including dates, times, participant registration, inventory sheets, set-up, take-down, receptions, and fees. The Exhibit Team also identifies new opportunities for exhibiting member work.

Finance Team
The Finance Team assists the Treasurer, as needed, by drafting the annual budget, reviewing and analyzing expenditures, and completing and submitting the annual income taxes using IRS Form 990.

The Hospitality Team provides light refreshments during monthly programs, drinks and paper products during the Annual Pot Luck Dinner, heavy hors d'oeuvres during receptions for exhibits, and a catered dinner at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Email Coordinator
The Email Coordinator sends emails to the membership containing information on upcoming events.

The Membership Team maintains membership records, maintains information kiosks at local clay-related establishments, publishes a Biennial Membership Directory, and sends renewal announcements to current and lapsed members, Welcome Packets to new members, and postcard acknowledgements to renewing members.

The Nominations Team works with the Volunteer Coordinator to identify potential candidates for vacant positions on the Executive Committee of the Board.

Marketing Team
The Marketing Team develops and maintains a current press kit, writes and distributes press releases, and reviews and updates. The Marketing Team reviews the advertising portion of the database and provides updates to the Database Administrator.

Internal Publicity Coordinator
The Internal Publicity Coordinator mails postcard reminders to the membership to encourage participation in monthly events and the December Potluck.

Video Librarian
The Video Librarian manages the lending library of over 30 videotapes and DVDs related to pottery. The Librarian makes the library available to members during monthly meetings, collects the $1 lending fee, makes $3 prepaid mailers available for returning items, and provides a monthly report to the Board summarizing the status of the library.